General Overview


Our data-driven programs are designed to maximize effectiveness for your organization and its students:

• A single-campus study in 2009 showed 83% of at-risk students receiving formal referrals to SRS persisted to the next term.
• A 2010 study at a four-year university using our services showed a 2.6% increase in retention in a single term compared to a control group.
• Over 97% of students that used our services in 2011 told us they would use us again—and 27% did.


Our programs are delivered with an emphasis on maximizing customer service—not only to your students, but also your staff and faculty:

• All student calls to Student Resource Services are answered by a licensed counselor located in the United States. Since 2008, our average time to answer student calls has been under 11 seconds.
• Our counselors average over 15 years of clinical experience.
• We’ve provided on-campus crisis intervention over 20 times in the last four years. 

We work closely with the institutions with which we partner to share data and feedback—not only regarding our services, but also to identify ways to improve their programs through the establishment of best practices:

• We customize our approach and programs for each organization to meet its specific needs and ensure the best fit with its culture and structure.
• Through regular contact with your organization’s liaisons, we emphasize continued promotion and review of our programs to maximize our results—and your Return on Investment.

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