Students get the help they need .... when, where and how they prefer

For more than 20 years, Student Resource Services has worked hand-in-hand with
career schools and colleges, providing multiple levels of ongoing support for


• Allows You To Retain Students
• Mitigates Legal and Liability Risk
• Frees Faculty to Focus on Teaching

This time-tested program provides support for students, staff and administrators.


• 24/7, immediate telephone access to master’s-level counselors
• Ongoing telephone counseling and coaching
• Assistance with daily living needs, including coordination of local resources and financial/legal consultation
• Face-to-face counseling to resolve family and emotional problems
• Internet-based self-help tools, articles, and information


• Ongoing orientation and professional development
• Case-specific consultation and guidance for dealing with students’ issues


• Enhances school-wide student support
• Proven track record of increased persistence and retention
• Promotes school mission
• Mitigates risk and potential liability
• Supports accreditation requirements

"I was having problems juggling school, work and my relationships....I called Student Resource Services with my concerns, and they were able to put everything into perspective.  Now, whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I contact them for help."  


"I called Student Resource Services because a relationship issue had me so distraught that I could not focus on school.  After speaking with a counselor, I learned coping skills that that keep me on track."    


"I called Student Resource Services because my instructor issued a formal referral for me.  I was missing classes because I felt overwhelmed with school and work.  The counselor helped me to see how far I had come and gave me the emotional support I was missing."          


What's New:

Career Education Review - June 2013

Preparing for and Responding to the Threat of Violence

by Brian Summers, Student Resource Services

We are all regrettably aware of the violence that has been taking place at college and university campuses around the country, or of incidents perpetrated by current college students.  Virginia Tech, Pima Community College, and as recent as April 2013, Lone Star Community College, are all schools that have been impacted directly or indirectly by violence.  Click HERE to read the full article.

Career Education Review - February 2013

Maximizing Your Initiatives for At-Risk Students:  Making Your Resources Count

by Caroline Mug and Dr. Carla Monroe-Posey, Student Resource Services

It is clear that the challenges of at-risk career college students are varied and complex, and that the programs and interventions to assist these students are resource intensive and require a deliberative development process. Such a development process starts with targeting key at-risk groups, and creating effective outreach efforts and programs to meet their needs. Click HERE to read the full article.





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