Admissions & Enrollment
Student Resource Services offers customized solutions to support your admissions/enrollment process, including our Resource Plus™ and Student Outreach programs.

Resource Plus™ 
The Resource Plus program supports students through the critical weeks between enrollment and start, and helps students to prepare for their new life as a student by addressing any barriers to beginning their education—before those barriers become seemingly insurmountable. The program allows you to provide valuable support to students prior to starting their program, at which they have access to services through the StudentResource program.

Your students will receive much-needed support, problem-solving, resources, and coaching as they adjust to the expectations associated with starting their courses, while providing them with the coaching and tools they need to help them to prepare for, and thrive in, their new environment:

• 24-hour, toll-free telephone access to licensed professional counselors
• Collaborative coaching and planning
• Legal and financial advising and coaching services
• Resource coordination for students’ daily living needs

Resource Plus helps your staff to support students more effectively by giving them the benefit of our expertise and resources:

• Formal referral systems and ongoing consultation for faculty/staff, including admissions and financial aid staff
• Consultation to your faculty and staff regarding student issues 

Student Outreach Programs
Student Resource Services offers highly customized student outreach programs to meet each post-secondary institution’s individual needs. These programs are designed to provide appropriate levels of support to students from their enrollment, through their first days of classes, and continuing through graduation. We customize our approach to ensure the best fit with your culture, existing resources, and goals for the program to provide the best outcomes for you and your students.
Our customized outreach programs include intensive outreach to both newly-enrolled students to eliminate barriers to a successful start, and to students in their first term, when they are most likely to drop out and often need the most support. 

Contact SRS today to find out how these programs can help you and your students meet your goals!