Graduates and Alumni

Student Resource Services offers programs to support your school’s graduates and alumni. The programs are designed to: 

• Assist students with the transition out of an educational program;
• Enhance your existing graduate and alumni programs;
• Increase student satisfaction; and
• Support and coach students as they begin to seek out employment.

Student Resource Services offers two different programs to meet the needs of your school and its graduates:

Graduate Support Program:

For 90-days after a student graduates from their program, this program provides your graduates with the full support services available to active students through our programs. The services are provided to help mitigate any potential barriers a student may have as they transition into their new career, such as childcare or housing changes, addressing anxiety associated with change, and coaching to help the graduate present themselves well in interviews. During this time your school will continue to have the opportunity to utilize the formal referral process for students that are identified as needing more support during this transition, addressing concerns such as the need to enhance “soft skills” as the student is trying to transition into employment.

Alumni Support Program:

Student Resource Services also offers a program with ongoing services to your school’s alumni. This program enhances and supplements your school’s services for alumni, and extends the services available from Student Resource Services to your alumni. This program includes access to 24/7 confidential support with licensed counselors, resource coordination, financial and legal consultations, and telephonic short-term counseling.

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