Student Counseling and Coaching

Student Resource Services counseling and coaching services provide multiple levels of ongoing support for post-secondary students. Our StudentResource™ program:

• Allows You To Retain Students, Delivering Immediate Return on Investment
• Increases Student Engagement and Satisfaction
• Mitigates Legal and Liability Risk
• Frees Faculty to Focus on Teaching
• Provides Students With the Support, Coaching, and Resources They Need To Be Successful

Our program provides support for your students, staff, and administrators:


• 24/7, immediate telephone access to master’s-level counselors
• Face-to-face counseling with our national network of licensed counselors to resolve family and emotional problems
• Ongoing telephone counseling and coaching
• Assistance with daily living needs, including coordination of local resources and financial/legal consultation
• Internet-based self-help tools, articles, and information


• Expands upon and augments existing student support capabilities
• Ongoing orientation and professional development for staff/faculty
• Case-specific consultation and guidance for dealing with student issues


• Enhances school-wide student support
• Proven track record of increased persistence and retention
• Mitigates risk and potential liability to the school
• Supports accreditation requirements

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