Julie called Student Resource Services because of a formal referral issued by one of her instructors. Julie was exhibiting signs of severe stress and it was affecting her school performance.

The counselor assessed Julie and referred her to a counselor located near Julie’s home. The counselor also recommended that Julie make an appointment with her medical doctor for further evaluation. 

The counselor followed up with Julie a week later. Julie had seen her medical doctor who prescribed medications for depression and anxiety. Julie stated that she was feeling much better and had not cried for a week. She thanked the counselor for the assistance and said she felt comfortable calling back if she needed help in the future. 

Tara called Student Resource Services worried and upset. Tara did not have health insurance and was a diabetic in need of medical services. She was concerned because she did not have the resources to pay for a doctor’s visit nor any of the medication she required.

After talking through Tara’s concerns, the counselor coordinated with our of our resource consultants to identify different options in her community. Within one business day, the Student Resource Services staff found Tara a clinic very close to her home that would work with her on a sliding scale and called Tara with to share the information.

Tara called back the next day relaying her happiness over the ability to see a doctor so quickly. The clinic was able to offer Tara a highly reduced rate on the appointment and on the medication she needed for her diabetes. These resources enabled Tara to say on her medication without interruption and allowed her to keep her focus on her school, instead of worrying about how she was going to find a solution.

James called Student Resource Services seeking help with a relationship but became a formal referral after posting a message on Facebook alluding to self harm.

James received individual counseling and maintained a long-term, regular therapeutic and supportive relationship with the school’s student life center.

A Student Resource Services’ counselor followed up with James via phone calls and James continues to call Student Resource Services for help with communication strategies, developing positive relationships, weight loss strategies and career planning. During the last follow-up call, James reported that he completed the massage therapy program. Also, the school liaison reports that James is a positive person and making good career progress.